Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last weekend we went on our first camping trip together. The weather was amazing, the camp grounds were gorgeous and it was just so fun to spend time outside to kick off summer.

Look at our cute little tent! Can you believe we actually fit a queen sized air mattress in there!?

Our neighborhood for the weekend :)

We went on the prettiest hike with a river along the whole way.

Us girls

And the boys

It's been so long since the last I went camping, I forgot how much fun it is. There is something that is so relaxing about being away from homework and electricity. It was such a nice break.

 My favorite part of the whole weekend was when I came out of the very lady like porta potty and literally 15 feet away from me was a MOOSE! He was staring straight at me! Although I had just gone to the bathroom, I felt as though I was going to wet myself... my good friend Kelli was in the stall right next to me. I am still embarrassed about the way I reacted, but I began screaming my head off and pounding on her door to let me in. If this description doesn't show you my immense amount of bravery then I don't know what else will. Kelli then runs out of the stall and the situation get even better! We started chasing after the moose, (no I am not joking). Clearly I have not been around enough wild animals in my lifetime. Seriously now that the situation is over I realize how lucky (and dumb) we were that the moose didn't turn around and start charging us. I think he was pretty terrified after hearing the scream of death that came out of me just from seeing him...

It was such a good weekend! We loved spending time with friends and making memories together. 
Yay for camping!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Peter!

Today is Peter's Birthday so I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know some of the qualities I love about him!

P- Patient. Peter is absolutely the most patient person I have ever met, and being married to me he has to be! Seriously though even on my moodiest days he will be so sweet and never complains. I feel like he never has a bad day, it's always me that's grumpy. I love that I know even when I mess up and am not always an angel, he will still love me and be my best friend.

E- Easy-going. If there is anyone who is easy to get along with, it's Peter. Sometimes we will walk around on campus and it seems like he knows everybody! He makes friends with every person he ever sits next to in class, standing next to in line, or anyone who is from North Carolina. He can keep a conversation with anyone and loves meeting new people.

T- Thoughtful. My sweet Husband is always coming up with new ways to make me feel special. He is constantly planning special dates and even surprises me with weekend getaways. All he wants is for me to be happy and he shows me that daily. Whether it's writing me cute love notes, making me a special dinner or bringing me home a present, he is constantly reminding me how much he loves me.

E- Experimental. Peter loves to be a dare devil and try to do crazy things wherever we go. Jumping off bridges, cliff jumping, off terrain snowboarding, looking for a moose and much more. He comes up with these plans that only seem to make sense to boys. But he is very determined to make the plan work somehow or another. He also loves to experiment with weird food combinations, he is always adding ingredients to everything. Usually they end up tasting really good though!

R- Reliable. I know I can trust Peter with my life. I can always rely on him to provide for us and I know he will always work hard to provide for our family. If I ask Peter to do something I never have to question whether or not it's going to get done. He knows what's important to me and always makes sure that he is there to help and support me.

I love being married to Peter and I'm so glad I get to be with him forever. Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hibbard Clan

Most of Peter's family live on the East coast, however he does have a few siblings going to LDSBC in Salt Lake City. We really like to get together with them whenever we get the chance. Over Memorial day weekend they all came up and stayed with us.
They are all very active and love doing things outdoors so that is what our weekend was full of.
I would consider myself as more of an indoors girl (shocking I know) but it was really fun to see some of the activities Rexburg has to offer that I didn't even know about. 
Exhibit A: The skatepark 
I cannot even attempt to ride a skateboard except for maybe on my bum, but I don't think that would be very safe riding down a half pipe. Anyways it was fun to sit and watch all of my talented in laws show their skills, and of course take some fun pictures.
We also went to the Sand dunes one night. It was really fun to have sandy hotdogs and sandy soda (mmm my favorite!!!)
 It really was fun to just play in the sand and sit around the fire. I never pass up an opportunity to hang out around a nice warm fire, especially when it's with family!
Pollie had her birthday while she was here so we made her a special Birthday dinner, ate sheet cake and opened presents.
It was so much fun to have family in town, even if it was a little cramped for them all to sleep in our tiny living room. We had such a good time and we are grateful to have family close enough to see every once in awhile.