Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Big E

This past weekend Peter and I went to the New England Fair. I absolutely love fairs and it was so much fun to spend time together riding the ferris wheel, watching shows and eating yummy food! It was a little rainy, actually it has rained a lot since we have moved here. It is definitely feeling like fall out here in Massachusetts. I love it, the trees are starting to turn colors and are looking so beautiful! My cravings are definitely reflecting the season; I've been making lots of chili, cornbread, soup and pumpkin treats. Anyways, we had a lot of fun at the fair and hope you all are loving this fall weather as much as we are!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pregnancy/ Baby Update

It has been awhile since I have done an update about my pregnancy, and I still feel like overall I have had a really easy pregnancy. Of course there have been adjustments and changes in my body along with being uncomfortable at times but nothing that I feel has really even made me dislike being pregnant. When I was around 25 weeks, I  did randomly start having intense pain on my right side and in part of my back, which was especially weird because up to that point I had felt awesome. For like a week I literally just laid on the couch with a hot pad on me because that was the only thing I could do to help the pain. Luckily we have a few doctors in our family, I asked my brother in law Chris and he said it sounded like something called round ligament pain. I was pretty worried that I was going to have to deal with this pain for the rest of my pregnancy. Fortunately after a week the pain had gotten so much better and eventually completely went away. Not sure if my body was just having a hard time adjusting to the baby getting bigger or if I maybe tweaked something, I'm just glad it didn't last for very long. Other than that week I have hardly had any pain or discomfort. Each week our baby's movements get bigger and it is so fun to experience. Right now I am 32 weeks, and it is getting a little hard to sleep at night. My legs have been getting pretty restless but I usually just walk around the house for a few minutes and then I can get back to sleep. I'm feeling pretty big and it seems like I can't go anywhere without getting comments and stares at my belly. You would think some of these people have never seen a pregnant woman before. I guess we aren't in Rexburg anymore where it seems like every other girl you see is pregnant. Haha! I am definitely getting to the point where I feel like I have experienced being pregnant and although I don't mind being pregnant I am so ready to meet our little boy! I have really noticed how long 40 weeks feels when you're waiting for your baby to get here. When you get pregnant you think we have a baby coming and he is going to be here before we know it (at least that is how I felt). But I have really realized you end up sitting around waiting and waiting for it to be time. I am enjoying being a stay at home wife and trying lots of new dinner recipes, but I find myself thinking about how great it's going to be to have our sweet baby around to keep me company while Peter is at school and studying all day. Becoming a mom is the most exciting feeling and I know there will be hard moments but I feel like I'm ready to handle the good with the bad because I know it's worth it.

28 Weeks

30 Weeks

32 Weeks

I had an ultrasound appointment a few days ago and we were able to see some really amazing images of our little boy. You can really start to see some facial features! He was trying to sleep and kept covering his face but we were able to get a few peaks. Peter is already convinced that he has my nose. It was so fun to look at how much he has developed since our last ultrasound. Hopefully only 8 weeks or less before we will be able to see him in person!

We have been doing a lot of work on his nursery and although we aren't quite finished, we sure are getting close! We have had to stick to a pretty tight budget because Law school isn't exactly cheap but our baby has almost everything he needs to be comfortable and taken care of, which is what is important. My parents made the tradition that they buy every couple in our family their first crib. It is by far our favorite part of the nursery and we couldn't be more thankful. Thanks Mom and Dad! We just can't wait until our little man gets here so we can use it!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


August 3rd Peter and his brother Derrick started the long drive out to Massachusetts from Utah. I was grateful I didn't have to participate in the forty something hour long drive as I flew out a few days later.

A few days after getting to Springfield, our house was such a disaster with boxes and everything all over the place. We really needed to get out of the house and relax so we went to the temple. The Boston temple is so gorgeous and was definitely what we needed to take a break from unpacking.

After being in Massachusetts for a week, we had a spur of the moment opportunity to go visit family in North Carolina. So that's what we did! We spent a week in Charlotte relaxing and catching up. We really do feel so grateful with how much we have been able to see family lately. We feel totally spoiled and know that time with our loved ones is valuable and may not always be so frequent with how busy life gets sometimes. Here are some pictures of our week:

As soon as we got home, Peter has been in full on Law School mode. His official first day of school was August 26th. I am so proud of how hard Peter has been working. I'm even more happy because everyday he comes home from school talking about how much he loves it. We both feel so strongly that this is what Peter is meant to be doing. I know that these next few years are going to be so crazy but I know Peter's hard work will pay off and be worth it.