Saturday, August 2, 2014

Huge Summer Update!

Where do I even begin!? We have had a crazy busy, but fun summer so far. To start off Peter hit the ground running as soon as school got out with two internships. One full time paid, and another part time unpaid. He has been super busy but has felt like he is getting some very valuable experience which is great. So proud of him for working so hard! We also went to a Hibbard family reunion in Charleston, South Carolina, where we rented a house on the beach. It was just the relaxing week we needed. We had so much fun seeing some family that we hadn't seen in years. 

Peter's sister Pollie is so talented with a camera and was nice enough to take some amazing family pictures for us. We love how they turned out and are so glad we took the opportunity to capture some family moments on the beach. Thanks Pollie!

It had been years since the whole family was last together so we were also able to take a big family picture.

Gigi and Grandpops with all of their grandkids

 All of the grandkids

 The siblings

 The original family
We definitely weren't ready to go home from our warm, fun week with family at the beach but real life was calling ours names... boo. 

We also had a really great 5th of July. Yes, I meant to say 5th of July. The 4th of July out here was full of flash flood rain, and some crazy thunder and lightning. So the whole state of Massachusetts basically postponed all 4th of July festivities until the next day! Hey, I'm ok with that as long as I still get my yummy BBQ food and fireworks, which we did. Landon being the trooper that he is was so well behaved and just sat and relaxed with us the whole night. We were wondering if the fireworks would scare him... nope! He watched on Peter's lap with amazement the whole time. We have the best little boy!

We can't forget one of the biggest updates of all! We are moving to Colorado! Long story short, Peter and I had both felt like Massachusetts was not where we wanted to end up and raise our family long term. We are glad for the experience of trying something new and we feel like we have grown a lot since being out here, but we always had the end goal of moving at some point. When Peter approached me with the possibility of transferring, I was all for it! We both felt like it would be easier and just better all around to move now rather than after law school with taking the bar and job opportunities, etc. Peter applied to DU Law and less than a week after they received his application we got notice that he had been accepted! We are so incredibly grateful for Peter to have the opportunity of going to a really good school in a place where we feel like we would be happy living forever. Peter worked so hard his first year of law school and we feel like it has paid off. We found out a month ago and on Thursday we will start the drive to our new home in the Denver area. Moving to Massachusetts was an adventure that we will always be grateful for. We brought home our sweet Landon here and we will always cherish the memories that we have made, but we are also thrilled for the new experiences and memories that we will create in Colorado! From one adventure to the next!