Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

I decided to blog about my valentine this year, so I hacked Tara's blog and decided to write a few reasons why I love my bride so much.

T – Tenderhearted – Yesterday Tara walked in from Wal-Mart with a bunch of things to do gift bags for her classmates at school. She said that a lot of girls didn’t have a valentine today and she felt bad. Tara has a way about her that is so innocent and pure, and it is one of the reasons why I fell in love with and married her.

A – Attitude – that’s right attitude, but the good kind. She has a very adorable and cute attitude all of the time. She is always a good sport about trying new things with me and being adventurous. Ever since Tara married me I think she has gotten used to being out of her comfort zone. These are just a few of the first-times she has had with me:
·      Cliff jumping
·      Boogey Boarding
·      Jumping into a FREEZING cold river (for a dare/shopping)
·      Cross-country running (in mud and everything)
·      Snorkeling
·      Rock climbing
·      Snowboarding
Anybody who knows Tara also knows that these are some very impressive activities for her to have participated in. I am so lucky to have a wife who is always happy to try new things with me.

R – There are so man “R’s” that I was thinking of, so here are a few:

Remarkable – She is always thinking of ways to make me happy. The other day she wanted to rent the old Batman’s and have a little marathon. Any girl who is willing to jump in and do things that she is not completely fond of is extraordinary.

Responsible – Tara has always been willing to work whenever my paycheck was just not cutting it. She has even worked at Subway (twice)!!

Risk-taker – because she married me.

A – Attractive – When it comes to clothes, she is the go-to girl for any kind of fashion advice, and once she is in her “clothing zone”, she is speaking a different language that she is very fluent in. I’m so thankful to have a wife that always looks beautiful (even without make-up).

I am so grateful to be spending my third Valentine’s Day with my best friend. She makes my life so much brighter, happier, and more pleasant. She gives 110% into everything she does, especially being a wife. You know your wife is dedicated when she makes you food that she does not even like. On top of attending her 9 to 5 school Monday through Friday, she still manages to cook, clean, and do the laundry.