Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break!

Ok so I'm a little behind on updating our blog, but Peter had Spring Break in early March and we did some fun things that I wanted to blog about.

First we went and spent a day in Boston! It was really fun to be able to just walk around the city as a family. We did part of the freedom trail which is a pathway that leads you to several historical places in Boston. We also went to Quincy Market which is a huge shopping area with all different types of food and souvenirs. My sisters will probably laugh at this because I have a little bit of a bad reputation of buying random junk at souvenir shops. Don't worry guys all I bought was a t-shirt and some lunch!

We also rode the train down to New York City and spent two days there. I have always wanted to go see New York so I was super excited to go! All we took was Landon in his carrier and two backpacks so that we could walk around really easily. I'm glad we did because it was crazy getting on and off the Subway and I really don't think it would have worked with a stroller. Anyways we had a lot of fun seeing time square, ground zero, central park and much more. I felt like I could just walk around there for days and never get bored. There is so much to see there! 

Ground Zero
They have the names of all the people who passed away on September 11th around the reflection pool and on their birthday they put a white rose next to their name.

Best pizza ever!

Time Square

Central Park

We had the best time spending the week together as a family. There are so many fun places to see so close to us and we can't wait to see more!