Friday, March 13, 2015

The Boys Room

I mentioned before in a previous post that I was working on decorating the boys room. We literally hadn't put any effort into making it cute when we moved in, it was basically just some furniture thrown into a room. I felt bad that I had neglected it so much, so it was really fun spending the time to make it a little more put together. It's a small room so I decided to keep it pretty simple so that it didn't totally overwhelm the space. There aren't a ton of boy room themes out there that I loved and I know the whole beachy/ nautical theme can be a little cliche, but I kept coming across decor in so many stores that I loved and so I just decided to go with it. Not to mention Peter loves the beach and I knew he would love it if our boys had a room centered around that. So here are some before and after pictures of their room.


(I will fill the empty picture frames with photos of the boys when the baby gets here)

While re-doing the room we decided to go ahead and buy Landon a toddler bed. We were really excited because we found a good deal on craigslist for one that was barely used and matched our crib perfectly. So Landon has officially transitioned into his big boy bed and I'm so glad that he did it without any fight. The first night was a breeze, he didn't even get out once. When he wakes up in the morning he will sometimes play for a little and then when he is ready to come out he quietly knocks on the door and waits for us to come get him. 

It feels good to have the room done and now I finally feel like we have done everything we needed to do to prepare for this little baby to get here. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately with the realization that our time with Landon as an only child is coming to an end. I know this is not a sad thing, however I have been overwhelmed with emotions lately of how grateful I am for the last 16 months and for the special amount of one on one time we have had together. Landon is the most incredible blessing that Peter and I have ever even imagined. He is the first one to make me a mom and I will never forget that moment. I struggle with the idea of being able to split my time between two little boys and making sure that they both always feel loved and paid attention to. I never want Landon to feel neglected nor replaced yet I want our new little one to have the love and attention Landon has had as a baby too. I am sure I am over thinking this process way too much but I think it's normal to have so many thoughts about what changes another baby will bring to our lives. I am sure everything will be fine and both our boys will be loved more than they would probably even want. For now though we are spending a good amount of quality time as a family of three. We have been to the zoo, a kiddie water park at a near by rec center, and we even took Landon to a matinee movie. I love our little family and I know it will only get better and more fun as we add more to it. With all the time I have had to think about Landon's life so far I decided I wanted to do something special for him to be able to look back on. So I put together a small video of Landon and the fun times we have had together so far. Let me be the first one to say I am no pro when it comes to movie making and this was the first time I have ever made anything like this, but I thought it would be a fun little thing for our family to be able to watch and remember. Anyway here it is: