Monday, July 7, 2014

A Visit From Brady!

Peter's brother Brady came out to visit us just after Peter got out for summer break. We decided to spend a day in Boston and go to a Red Sox game. It was so much fun! Boston is such a cool city and we had a hard time fitting in all of the stuff we wanted to go see and do. We went to see Harvard campus, a historical graveyard and much more! Landon was such a trooper as always, he is so easy to bring to things. Although the Red Sox lost it was still so much fun to go to the game, it really is a whole experience just being there!

Peter and Brady thought this guys sign was pretty funny, at least he was being honest right? Oh and by the way he didn't need anymore help getting drunk, he was definitely already there.

Another day while Brady was here we went to a family fun center to go to the batting cages and play some mini golf. I played softball when I was little and even though that was a long time ago it was fun getting up to bat again!

Peter was holding Landon next to the fence and Landon just gripped on so tight that Peter could let go and he just stayed right where he was! Such a strong little boy!

We are always so glad when family comes out to visit us and we had such a fun time with Brady!
Thanks for hanging out with us Brady!