Thursday, January 27, 2011


So this week Peter and I decided we needed to do something fun because we were feeling a little overwhelmed with work and school. Peter found out that BYU- Idaho offers fifteen dollar Ski passes to the nearest Ski resort. We decided this was the perfect fun activity for us to do together. I had never been snowboarding before, every time the boys went snowboarding in our family all the girls went shopping. Hmmm, snowboarding or shopping which one do you think I chose? Peter was really excited to teach me so that we could go snowboarding together more often. Even though I had a rough time and definitely had my fair share of complaints about my bum hurting from falling so much, I had a really great time. I'm grateful to have a husband who is so patient and willing to teach me this new fun activity. I love snowboarding!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update of 2010!

So, as you all probably know I have not exactly been doing very good with my blog. So I thought I would take some time to catch everyone up on what's going on with the Hibbards!

To start off if you haven't already heard we got married in the Salt Lake City Temple on November 20th, and it was the best day in the whole world! Everything was beautiful, we had all our family and friends and it was a wonderful day!

The Day after our wedding we left for Florida where we got on a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon! It was a really special once in a lifetime experience for us and we had a really great time together.

 Getting dressed up for dinners was my favorite part!
 We were also lucky enough to go snorkeling in a rainbow reef.

After the Honeymoon we headed to North Carolina for an open house in Peter's home town. My mother- in law was amazing and we had a beautiful night at the Hibbard home.

 Peter's nieces absolutely love him and play with him every chance they get.
 Some of the Hibbard family :)

After all of the wedding fun it was time to get back to reality so we headed back to Rexburg and started moving into our new home!
Oh how lovely and fun is moving...

For Christmas we went to Colorado to visit my family.
 It was so fun to have some girl time with my mom.

 Peter and I started a tradition that every Christmas eve we get new PJs.
 Me and my sweet princess Livi.
It was so fun to spend time with my family for Christmas, Shanna and Jason and the kids make Christmas so fun especially how excited the kids were for Santa to come. The holidays were a wonderful way to end the year.

2010 really was such a wonderful year for our new little family and we have so much to look forward to this new year. We both started school this week and are busy with both school and our jobs. Being newlyweds is so fun and we are really loving this new stage in our lives.

Happy New Year!