Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Date Night

As we know we are getting very close to having a new baby in our house; Peter and I realize how even more busy our lives will be getting. We both agreed that we wanted to plan a special night out as just the two of us, something that has happened less than a handful of times since Landon was born. So for the first time we hired a babysitter from our ward for the night and we went to dinner at Old Chicago Pizza followed by going to see the movie McFarland, USA. It was a perfect night; great food, loved the movie and I couldn't have asked for better company. I appreciate my time with Peter so much and I love that we truly are best friends. This was a very special night considering our "dates" are usually spent late after he gets off work or finishes studying and usually consist of eating cookies and playing Mario Cart. I love our simple life together and making the most out of those little moments but sometimes it is so nice to get away together. I love my husband and I loved that we were able to have a last hurrah together before life gets a little more crazy.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pregnant with baby #2

Time is going by so quickly and I have been so busy that I haven't had very much time to blog about how everything has been this pregnancy. First of all my official due date is March 26th which is just a short 6 weeks away. However there is a chance that I could go into labor early because I am measuring considerably ahead of schedule and so is our baby boy. Landon and the new baby will be about 17 months apart which I am actually not nervous about. I am excited to have them close in age and I feel like they will probably be best little buddies growing up together. I love having a newborn around and I am so excited to go through the newborn stage and be able to watch Landon in the toddler stage at the same time. Our apartment isn't huge and to be honest there isn't much for Landon to get into so he is fairly easy to have around on a daily basis. He is really good about just entertaining himself with toys in his room during the day which will be nice while recovering and adjusting to our growing family. We do not have a name picked out and it is stressing me out! I don't like the idea of going to the hospital without having a name that we are for sure leaning towards so we will need to get on that soon. I have been feeling really good again this pregnancy and honestly I enjoy being pregnant. I actually missed being pregnant after I had Landon and don't have much to complain about. The only thing that can be annoying at times is that my legs get really really restless. I can usually only sit down for maybe 15 minutes at a time without having to stand up, walk around or stretch out my legs. It can be frustrating when I am just tired and want to relax or watch a movie with Peter but it is still a small price to pay to bring a baby into the world. I am definitely "nesting" right now. I have been going through all of Landon's old baby clothes and getting everything back out of storage and put away in his room which I guess will now be known as "the boys room". We are also in the process of decorating their room since that has never really happened. We are so excited to meet this new little baby and know that he will be just as much of a joy to our family as Landon is.