Monday, August 26, 2013


July was such a crazy month. We have had so much going on lately that I really have not even had a chance to keep up on blogging. So here's what we had going on in July: 

As we prepared to move out of Rexburg we spent some quality time with friends. We had a little roommate reunion, which was extra exciting because 4 of us are pregnant and all due within 6 weeks of eachother! It was pretty fun to see where our lives had taken each of us from when we were single roommates and catch up.

We went to the last Hague family reunion up at Bear Lake. It was such a blast to see all our family from my Mom's side. We love some good quality cousin time. We had a volleyball tournament, a basketball tournament, played at the lake, enjoyed yummy raspberry shakes and just enjoyed time with one another. We are so sad that this was the last one but we were so glad we were able to spend time with family right before we moved! I wish I had taken more pictures of the week but here a few.

After the time up at Bear Lake, Peter had to go back to Rexburg to finish up his last week of work and I went home with my family to stay at my parents new house in Utah! My mom and sisters planned the most amazing baby shower for me. They put in a lot of work to make it special and I think everyone would agree it was definitely pinterest approved! I was seriously shocked at how many people came and how generous everyone was. My best friend Nikki and her mom drove out from Colorado, my sister flew in from Arkansas and my mother in law surprised me and flew in from North Carolina! I felt so loved being surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family!

The rest of the month was just hanging out with family. We went out for a girls lunch to celebrate my sister Shanna's birthday, followed by lots of baby shopping! Woot woot!

We also went to a rodeo that had a really awesome firework show at the end to celebrate Pioneer day.

Me and my 26 week bump!

July was a super busy month for us, but as you can see it was spent doing what matters most. Spending time with family and friends that we love.