Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Eventful Life

Over President's Day weekend Peter and I went to Utah to visit some family.
We started out the visit with going snowboarding at Brighton with some of Peter's siblings. We had so much fun going in a group and spending time with family. I have really been enjoying my new love of snowboarding and seeing myself improve each time we go.
 Peter loves this goofy hat, I guess it keeps him warm... What ever happened to Beauty is Pain?
The second half of the weekend we went and stayed with Jason and Shanna and their cute kids. Many of you may remember when I posted about snowboarding recently and I said if I were to choose between snowboarding and shopping I would choose shopping. Well, this weekend proved that, on Monday Peter went snowboarding once again and what did I do? I went to lunch with Shanna and the kids followed by a lovely shopping trip to the mall. For those of you who have not spent time in Rexburg, there is no such thing as good shopping for over a million miles. So to say the least I was excited to go shopping, even better I got to do it with my sister.

My mom often likes to call our family "creatures of habit" while I have not always agreed with this statement I have started to realize that most of us do very similar things.
Exhibit A: Joshua and I getting the same smoothie at Blue Lemon (which was delicious by the way!)
Exhibit B: Shanna and I not only trying on the same jacket but buying the same jacket. As if we didn't already look enough alike.
We had so much fun in Utah visiting family and relaxing after midterms week, we are already looking forward to our next visit.
 Once we returned to our beloved Rexburg, Peter informed me that he would be participating in this years Pond Skimming. When I very first came out to school I blogged about Pond Skimming and how crazy I thought the people were who did it, never did I think I would marry one of those crazy people. Part of Pond Skimming is to show off your cool/ funny costume, Peter and I found his lovely outfit at the wonderful Deseret Industries ( I have recently decided to stop calling it D.I. because it makes me feel better when I find a cute shirt to say I got it at Deseret Industries than the local D.I.). Anyways I must say I think Peter was the cutest, best dressed guy there.
 Notice I am wearing my cute new purchase from the previous weekend ;)
I must say as I was waiting for Peter to come down the ramp I had butterflies in my stomach and I was just so nervous for him! There are some pretty intense falls in this annual school activity and I didn't want to see my husband get hurt. But he is a man and he is stubborn and I knew he would not leave Rexburg without participating in Pond Skimming. As much as my heart was racing I'm surprised that I was even able to take this video. I'm glad I did take this video because now you can all see how Peter did!

 Peter said the water was so cold and I'm sure it was! After it was over and I saw that Peter didn't get hurt or anything I was proud of him for doing it, especially after he told me he got really nervous right before he went.

 Everyone was saying Peter should get an award for the "Best Spray" because he sprayed the crowd with the freezing water. Luckily I was in just the right spot that I didn't get wet, unlike our friend Ross who got pretty wet.
To say the least we have had a very fun week and can't wait for more fun events coming up in our life.