Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pond Skimming

In the short amount of time that I have been up here at BYU-Idaho I have noticed something. There is nothing to do in this small town, so everybody just makes up very weird activities to do to fill up their time. You would be surprised how fun these made up activities can get! One of these "activities" is called Pond Skimming. This is when INSANE people (yes, being insane is a requirement) dress up like buffoons, then go to the top of a large ramp and in some way shape or form go down the ramp and attempt to skid across a man made pond of water. Let me remind you we are located in Rexburg, Idaho where the weather is not necessarily warm (this is an understatement). There were 100 crazies who signed up for pond skimming and I would say only about 10 made it across. This event was quite entertaining and is a small part of the reason I love going to school here!