Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Dalby Reunion for Christmas

We had our ward Christmas party and Landon had his first meet up with Santa. Landon loved every minute of it, which isn't a huge surprise considering he would pretty much go home with any stranger he's ever seen. Sniff, sniff, I know he really does love me he's just very independent. Anyways, his first Santa visit was a success.

A few days later we drove to Utah where we were able to see my brother Brad return from his mission in Virginia! Seriously, there is nothing better than seeing a missionary come home after serving for two years. He has changed and grown in so many ways and it was so amazing to see it. After Brad came home, it seemed like time flew by and Christmas was here!

Christmas Eve was spent by having our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with all the good stuff: turkey, potatoes, rolls, salads, pies etc. We then had an amazing Christmas program presented by my sister Shanna reminding us of what really matters at Christmas. We were extra excited to put Landon to bed this year so Santa could make his arrival. Landon was a newborn last year so this year was the first one where he could really play with toys and stuff that Santa would be giving him.

Here is a small video of part of our Christmas morning, which may not be super interesting to most people but I want it on here for memories sake. We woke up earlier than the rest of the family, not really by choice just because Landon was awake and ready to start the day. But it actually ended up being pretty nice being just us and having some Santa gift time with Landon. It was so cute to see him have fun with his presents. It was also really nice to wake up to a beautiful white Christmas, something I have been wanting for years!

Christmas night my sister Jesica and her family arrived which completed our entire family being together. Something that hasn't happened in three years! It was so special to be all together again. We were able to go do a temple session as a family, get some family pictures taken plus many more fun activities. The best times though were just hanging out at home reminiscing and laughing together. I wish I would have taken more pictures but all I got was a bunch of Landon, Peter and I. 

New Years Eve was spent at home playing games and eating way too much food. We loved the low key night and especially watching Landon play with his cousins. My mom got all the grandkids matching jammies which was so cute to see them all running around in. We took a picture but not all of them are in it because some had fallen asleep from all the hard partying we had done :) 

(Landon giving me kisses)

Here are a few more random pictures from our trip. 

 (McKenna was our little coloring buddy)

(Some of Peter's work)

Girls night to see Mocking Jay

I am sure I will regret posting this awful picture someday, in fact I'm pretty sure that day is today. However I can't help but look at this and say that is exactly how I am feeling these days... huge.

Peter was also able to go snowboarding with all of his brothers while in Utah, which is definitely not a common occurrence to say the least. He had so much fun getting out and having some quality guy time. A much needed break after the hard work he put into this last semester.

We cannot express how good it was see so much family this holiday season. We had a very memorable year and loved celebrating the end of it with those we love most.