Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abbamania, Hiking, and the Demolition Derby

Last weekend was very eventful, Friday night Abbamania (a tribute band of Abba) performed at BYU-I. Peter works for the lighting crew on campus and sets up for all the shows, so we were able to get free tickets to the concert. I loved the concert so much, even though Peter and I were at least 30 years younger than everyone else there. I really liked all of Abba's songs, I think my roommates would agree since I have been singing all of them around the apartment all week ;)

Saturday morning we went and hiked "R" mountain for those of you who have hiked the Y in Provo, "R" mountain is similar except for the fact that it is extremely ghetto. It's ok though we still love hiking up to it and looking at the beautiful view of all the... farms :)

Saturday night we went to the demolition derby with a group of our friends, it was actually really fun to watch. They even had a decorating contest and two girls painted their car pink and purple... so cute!

This past weekend was very eventful and we had so much fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sunday was our 6 month anniversary, for a little celebration Peter and I decided we wanted to make a special dinner together; however of course some unexpected finances came up and it looked like we were just going to have some good old Pasta Roni instead. Some friends of ours happened to know our situation and the night before our anniversary I walked out of my apartment to find a basket with a candle, champagne glasses, Martinellis, steaks and strawberries. Along with a basket was a card that said "We wanted you guys to have a special night together on us :)." I think I almost cried when I saw the basket from our good friends, even though a 6 month anniversary isn't that big of a deal it feels so nice to have great friends who care about you and want you to have an enjoyable night together. I'm so grateful for wonderful friends and for my sweet fiance :) 

Our Anniversary Dinner

So excited to eat real food :)

Our dessert

What a wonderful night it was :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Engagement Pictures

This week Peter and I got our engagement pictures taken, and we absolutely love them! These are only a handful of the pictures we have. Hope you like them :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

North Carolina

Two weeks ago Peter and I went up to North Carolina to visit his family. It was so nice to get to know the HIbbard family better!

While we were there the whole family went to Charleston.

A souvenir shop that I just had to stop at! These are called hair hats, don't worry we didn't buy them :)

Charleston has some of the prettiest scenery I have ever seen.

One day all the girls were matching and we didn't even plan it!

I had an amazing time, and I feel so lucky to be able to marry into such a wonderful family.

Water Park Fun

During this summer break Peter and I have been trying to spend as much time together as possible until he goes back to school next week. Recently we went to a local park and decided to play in the water park there, although it was meant for young children we had a very enjoyable time together. I'm so in love with Peter and I'm grateful for every minute I get to spend with him.