Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life is Good

Recently Peter and I went to Utah to see both of our families. Peter's cousin was getting married so his mom came out from North Carolina for that. My sister Shanna just had a new baby boy and my mom was visiting to help her out. So it was the perfect opportunity for some family time! Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent time with the Hibbard's mostly just visiting family, helping with the wedding and of course playing ultimate frisbee. Peter had to go back to Rexburg on Sunday night to make it back for school but I had Monday and Tuesday off so I stayed to play with my mom and the Davis club. On Monday we took the Kids to Kangaroo Zoo which is just a really fun jumping place and we had a great time. We were so glad we got to see both sides of our family in one weekend, that just never really happens for us since we are basically from opposite sides of the country. So it was a really great weekend!

Here's a couple pictures from our trip:

Proof that the Hibbard's play frisbee hard:

 Kangaroo Zoo!

This past weekend Peter and I both ran in the Teton Dam races. I ran the 10k and Peter ran the 5k. They hold this race every summer in Rexburg and this is the first year Peter and I decided to participate. We are so glad we signed up for it because it was pretty cheap and a really fun run!

Before the Race:

The 10k runners about to start:

My running buddy Chelsea and I were supposed to run the 10k together but when she went to sign up for the race it was already full and they wouldn't let her run it... bummer! I felt so bad for her because we had been training for awhile and I knew she was really excited. I was also nervous because I had to run all by myself and I do so much better with a buddy but it's alright. Anyways when I was about to cross the finish line I saw her standing there cheering me on! So nice of her to come even though the race director wouldn't let her run with me. Oh and she happens to be Mrs. Rexburg so she was wearing her cute sash, she has to wear it whenever she goes to any events like this in town. 

The 5k started after the 10k and finished right before us so I didn't get to cheer on Peter at all which I was bummed about, but when I was talking to Peter after we were both done he casually mentioned that he got first place in the 5k!!! Um HELLO!!! Yes that is a big deal, and no Peter does not give himself enough credit! I'm so proud of him! 

Overall it was a great race for both of us and we are already getting excited for a mud run that we will be running next!