Monday, November 5, 2012


Lately life has been crazy and exciting! First of all I went out to Colorado a few weeks ago to help my parents move... CRAZY! I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who was really sad about this move, I guess I'm just sentimental and I have a lot of really good memories in that house. Anyways my parents moved into an apartment because they are waiting for their new house to be built in Utah! EXCITING!  It's pretty cool that my parents will be living closer, but definitely weird that when we go home to visit we will now be going to Utah!? Weird, I'm really going to miss Colorado.

So my little brother Brad is a freshmen here at BYU-I and it has been so much fun having him around! We pretty much hang out with him at least a few times during the week and then he comes over for Sunday dinners, so we get to see him quite a bit. Brad also plays on the competitive basketball team and he has a game every Friday night; which Peter and I of course never miss! It's so much fun to watch Brad play and his team is undefeated which also makes the games really fun to watch.

Last week was also Brad's 19th birthday! We went to some haunted houses, ate yummy food and just had a fun night. His mission papers are officially in, now we are just waiting for his call! Can't wait!