Monday, November 10, 2014

Cop and Robbers

 We had a really fun Halloween this year. We went to a few parties with friends including a kids carnival at a school. Landon was a little young for some of the activities but there were a few stations that were perfect for his age. He had so much fun with the play-doh and the creepy bugs.

Since Landon was a police officer this year, Peter and I thought we could throw together some cheap and easy robber costumes to complete the family theme. Although it didn't turn out quite as cute as I had imagined, I definitely feel like it makes it a lot more fun when the whole family gets involved and dresses up together. Regardless of the cheesiness level, we had a fun Halloween.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Birthday Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Landon! We are so grateful to have Landon as our first child. He is seriously such a joy to be around and I often get asked if he is ever not happy. He is so well behaved and has honestly been a very easy baby to take care of ever since he was born. This past year has been so amazing watching him grow into a little boy full of energy. Today we spent our time together as a family, eating cake, opening a few gifts and playing with our little boy.

Happy Birthday Landon! 
We love you more than you will ever know!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Little Family

Peter's family is currently in the process of moving from North Carolina to Nevada. Peter's dad had to leave before the rest of the family in order to start work at his new job and was able to stop by and visit us for a couple days on his way. We loved spending time with him and we were really grateful that he was willing to take a few family photos for us with his nice camera. Especially since these will probably be our last nice family photos as just the three of us! We are adding another little baby to our family! Landon will be getting a little brother in March and we could not be more thrilled! We will have a more detailed update on this announcement a little later on but for now here are some of our favorites from our little photo session.

19 weeks with baby #2