Friday, May 22, 2015

18 Months

This crazy, energetic, funny little boy just turned 18 months. Which means he finally gets to go to nursery! He loves nursery and Peter and I love not having to chase him around church for two hours. I have decided that 18 months is the most difficult age so far. Landon is so interactive and fun to be around but he is developing quite the little attitude lately too. Whenever people ask me what the hardest part is about having two kids is, I always tell them the hard part for me is just having a toddler. Jackson is a piece of cake compared to Landon these days. We are definitely all in a learning phase right now with adjusting to Jackson being here and I think Landon is struggling a bit. Landon had gotten to a point where he could say a good 3-4 words, but when Jackson was born he stopped talking all together. He is starting to talk a little more now but it's all babble not real words like before. So we are working on it, reading lots of books and saying a lot of vocabulary words to him throughout the day. I have heard it is pretty normal for kids to react to change this way so I know we just need to be patient with him and it will get better. Landon will also try and copy things we do with Jackson and will act like a baby. For example when I get Jackson out of his carseat, Landon will often climb into it and lay down like how Jackson was. Or after I feed Jackson on my boppy pillow, Landon will take it and lay on it like he is the baby. I'm not really sure if it's jealousy or if he just thinks it's fun, maybe a little of both but it's something he does a lot right now.

 Landon has been throwing some pretty crazy temper tantrums too, so that has been rough. Landon has really shown interest in using his own utensils so we have started letting him try to use a spoon to eat more foods by himself and he is doing really well. He understands the concept but makes a huge mess which is ok. He just has to eat in the kitchen because our dinner table is on carpet and yikes we would have some crazy stains if we didn't move his chair. 

Landon loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He watches it every morning while he eats breakfast. He also loves, loves, loves his sippy cup. His favorite thing to do when we give him his sippy cup is to take it somewhere private and just drink it quietly in peace. You can often find him laying down somewhere weird like in a closet or corner by himself just drinking his juice. He still gets so excited when Peter gets home. They have so much fun being crazy boys and wrestling together.

 Landon likes when he gets to "cook" with me. Which really means that he gets to sit on the counter and play with some bowls and spoons while he watches me cook.

 All kids go through hard ages and Landon happens to be at one now, but he still has so many good, sweet moments that we just love. When he is happy the whole world knows it and it's so contagious. 
We love you Landon!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

6 Weeks

Jackson recently hit the 6 weeks mark. He is a good baby, a little fussier than Landon was but still good. He can have the craziest hair if not tamed immediately after his bath. He eats about every 3-5 hours and once even lasted 7 hours without needing food, unfortunately it wasn't at night. He wakes up to eat usually twice a night but they are pretty quick and easy feedings and then back to bed so I can't complain. He loves eating and is gaining weight quickly! I struggled with nursing Landon and eventually switched to exclusively pumping but Jackson is a rockstar when it comes to nursing and it has been a breeze this time around. He is the wiggliest little guy and usually doesn't like to sit still. He has been smiling a lot lately and we are starting to see a lot of his personality coming out. People always see him and immediately say "He looks so much like Landon!" We agree they definitely look like brothers but we think Jackson looks a lot more like the Dalby side and Landon looks like the Hibbard side. Here is a picture of each of them at about the same age and even in the same outfit so you can decide.



In 6 weeks Jackson has gone from this...

to this... 
and we could not love it more. I could kiss his chub all day! Seriously I love how chubby our babies get. I have missed having a little baby in our house so much and Jackson has filled that little space. We love having Jackson in our family!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Wedding and a Blessing!

Peter's brother Brady got married a couple weeks ago so we made the trip out to Utah for the wedding! We flew, and with both boys being lap children we were pretty nervous. Fortunately we flew early in the morning and late at night and both of the boys slept both ways. I was pretty bummed that we only got one somewhat decent photo at the wedding but we had a blast and couldn't be happier for Brady and Shayna.

The next day we spent time with the rest of the Hibbards at the Zoo!

 We decided it would be a great opportunity to bless Jackson while we were in Utah so both of our families could be there! We all had a nice lunch at my parents house after.

We spent a few more days hanging out with my family and also celebrating my birthday. We had a family barbecue the night before my birthday and then on my actual birthday my mom babysat both boys while Peter and I went on a date! That was the best birthday present I got, some quality time with my hubby at Tucanos. Thanks mom!

Jackson's Newborn Photos

Here are some of Jackson's newborn photos that were taken just a few days after he was born. We are very happy with how they turned out!

At first I felt like the whole brother photo was a total fail but when I saw this I couldn't help but laugh.