Friday, March 31, 2017

Expecting TWINS!

July of 2016 was a hectic time with Peter preparing for the bar at the end of the month. To give him some uninterrupted time to study, the boys and I spent the month split between Utah and Las Vegas visiting my parents and Peter's. We had been trying for another baby for a few months prior but had not yet received a positive on a pregnancy test. As I was in Utah, I realized I was late and thought maybe I was pregnant. I didn't want any family to know what I was doing because I like to keep it private at first. So I took the boys and we went to Walmart to pick up a few items. Afterwords I took them into a stall in the bathroom to take a pregnancy test (classy) and saw the double lines! I was beyond excited and I immediately went to the car to call Peter. I decided to send him this picture to let him know:
He of course was thrilled and we both couldn't wait to add a third child to our family. After Peter took the bar, the boys and I headed back to Colorado to reunite with Peter.

A few days later I packed my bags and flew back to Utah to meet up with my sisters and surprise our mom with a girls trip to Park City! The first night there I announced to all of them that I was pregnant! After going to bed that night things seemed to change, a lot. I woke up covered in blood and immediately my heart sank and I just knew I wasn't pregnant anymore. Being in a different state and at the very beginning of a special week with my sisters, I chose to not go to the doctor as long as the bleeding didn't get worse. I bled almost the entire trip and it was a constant reminder of such a heartbreak. The hardest was having to call Peter and tell him we weren't going to have another baby yet. The trip was still amazing and I loved having some time with my mom and sisters. After I got home I tried to go back to life as normal, except I wasn't feeling normal. I still felt pregnant. I had heard that sometimes it can take awhile after a miscarriage for your body to go back to normal so I tried to ignore it the best I could. After a few more weeks I still wasn't feeling right and I swear I was feeling like I felt a baby move inside of me (crazy, right???)

Peter and I both decided I should go to the doctor to make sure everything was ok with me. We didn't really know what to expect, could I possibly be pregnant still? Did I not fully miscarry the baby? So I went in and explained to the doctor what had happened and she seemed skeptical when I explained to amount of blood that had been lost over a month ago, however she said we should go ahead and do an ultrasound to check it out. The first thing she said during the ultrasound was "Well, there is definitely a baby in there, in fact there's two!" Immediately I was filled with joy and complete shock! I said "Are you sure!? How is that possible!?" She explained that bleeding during a twin pregnancy is much more common due to a number of factors. So there I was 12 weeks pregnant with twins and the whole time I had no idea. I called Peter after the appointment and he asked how it went. I said "Well I'm 12 weeks pregnant!" He said "That's great!" I asked him if he was sitting down and told him what I was about to tell him was not a joke! "We're having twins!" His response was a pause and then "Holy Crap!" Haha! We were both excited but in such shock we couldn't believe it! We called and told both our families that evening. What a range of emotion the past two months had already been and now here we were about to start a huge journey.

My pregnancy was relatively easy at first. No sickness and only mild discomfort. Such a blessing as we then soon found out Peter had not passed the Colorado bar which meant we would be moving out of state. Fortunately he did pass in other states, so the move and the job hunt had begun. We moved in with my parents temporarily. I continued to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and I really only started to struggle the last month or two of my pregnancy as I was just so big and in so much pain. Honestly the last trimester was the hardest thing I have ever physically gone through. I was just so done. I cried more than ever during that time. I was so miserable and ready to meet our babes.

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