Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter? Sure, Why not?

As we all know this past weekend was Conference, and for some reason I always think that Easter Sunday falls on conference weekend. Obviously Easter was not this weekend, but it was for the Hibbards. Peter and I planned on getting each other Easter baskets this year for fun, because we both were thinking that Easter was this past weekend we had already gotten our baskets ready to give one another. We found out the night before what that it wasn't Easter. Needless to say we decided to give each other our baskets anyway because we were too excited to wait a few more weeks. It is just the two of us right now, and we won't be able to just decide it's Easter one day when we have kids and stuff. It was really fun to have a spontaneous fake Easter morning. On the real Easter we plan on focusing on Christ and enjoying a special ham dinner together.
Something else that was fun this weekend is my friend Britta came up to Rexburg from Provo for the weekend. Britta is one of my very best friends from High School, we were the Mormon girls on the cheer team together and we have always been close. Michelle is going to school here in Rexburg and we are all from the same home ward, so we spent time together Friday night. Britta's boyfriend is in a band called J.Wride and they were playing at Sammy's in Rexburg, it was fun to go to the concert and to see old friends.

Happy Easter Everyone!