Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I have been feeling so unmotivated when it comes to keeping this blog updated. But I know someday I will look back and be grateful I took the time to write about our lives. I have been feeling so busy but not because I have so many exciting things going on, just normal life busy. Honestly I have no idea how to organize this post so it's going to be basically a random update. I just need to get caught up so here we go.

Peter and I both ran a half marathon in September. We didn't run them together so that we could each take care of the boys while the other one ran, but we signed up for two in the same month so we could train together. It was seriously hard! The day Jackson turned 6 weeks we started running together every night after Peter got home. We would put the boys in a double jogging stroller and just run. There would be days where Jackson would cry almost the entire run. There were nights where Landon ate his dinner in that stroller. I could go on but honestly it was just a sacrifice for our whole family. However it was also a huge blessing. I don't really like running with headphones so Peter and I would just talk a lot and it was something that was really special. Sometimes our run was literally the only time we spent together in a day. It was so hard but I'm grateful that we did it!

Side Note: I cried when I crossed the finish line partly because I was just emotional seeing my family there cheering me on and also because when I saw my time I couldn't believe how long it took me! I didn't wear a watch or really pay attention to how fast I was running but I never thought it would take me that long! I ran to Peter and I was like I did terrible! Did you see my time!? I was so disappointed I couldn't even tell you. Then Peter informed me that was the time for the marathoners who left thirty minutes before us and I cried again! Haha I was emotional ok but I was glad I didn't do as awful as I initially thought.

We had a great eventful Halloween season with too much to write about so here's a photo dump.

Landon turned 2 on November 2nd! His golden Birthday! We had a low key day as a family to celebrate. Playing, eating at Chic Fil A, cake and presents was it for us this year. But honestly Landon was so happy all day and loved every bit and that's what we wanted. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!